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The Songs Are in Your Eyes (U2)

The Songs Are in Your Eyes (U2)

LRS DT Project December 05 Kit: I am a huge U2 freak, so DS and I are always jammin' in the Jeep to U2. He surprises me with questions about the lyrics, about the meaning of the song, etc. We always have great conversations about them, so it was about time to do a LO with a few of the lyrics (the photos are from Disney World 2005 - the Lego store and at Playhouse Disney). The journaling on the page:

{ I love these U2 lyrics… they make
think of your precious smile, your
big heart, and the mystery of the big
dreams and thoughts inside your head.
I love you sooo much my Bailey B! }

I want to trip inside your head,
Spend the day there…
To hear the things you haven’t said,
And see what you might see.

Of science and the human heart
There is no limit,
There is no failure here sweetheart,
Just when you quit…

I am you and you are mine,
Love makes nonsense of space
And time… will disappear,
Love and logic keep us clear,
Reason is on our side, love…

The songs are in your eyes,
I see them when you smile…

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