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Italy, Epcot Oct 05

Italy, Epcot Oct 05

Done for Little Red Scrapbook Design Team project: Feb 06.

Journaling is hidden behind the photo of Bailey and Trevor (pulls out) and partially reads:

"Italy in Epcot is the closest to the real thing that we have been - yet, at least! My grandma's mother and father immigrated from Sicily to the US so I have been brought up on lots of Italian influences: Food, Religion, you name it.

We ate at Alfredo's in Italy the day we spent in Epcot... it was a treat! We got to watch them make noodles from scratch while we waited for our table.

The buildings were amazing and I loved the architecture. I bought a cross necklace at the gift shop and everyone who worked in the Epcot countries were from that country which made everything fun and authentic.

I felt at "home" and loved being part of it and long to visit the REAL Italy sometime in my life. I want to see where my heritage came from and taste REAL pizza and see the sights! I love Italy!"

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